K&H Fireplace Installers Glasgow, Lanarkshire

Welcome to the online home of K&H Fireplace Installers Glasgow, Lanarkshire where you will find the details regarding our services and products specifically focussed upon fireplace installation, solid fuel services and chimney services within the greater Lanarkshire region in central Scotland.

The aesthetics of a fully functioning fireplace in the home is hardly replaceable with any other appliance or means of heating the home. Our expert tradesmen offer a comprehensive source of quality workmanship as far as fireplace installers in Glasgow are concerned.

Established in the late 20 th century K&H Fireplace Installers came to appreciate the needs of the discerning homeowner who looks for quality and reliability in any fireplace installers in Glasgow, and more so a professional outfit that can be relied upon for ongoing maintenance when it comes to the vital services of chimney design, cleaning and maintenance. And hence K&H Fireplace Installers was launched to address this growing market of fireplaces and the requirements of reliable chimney specialists.

K&H provides additional services as fireplace installers only, which is required when one purchases the actual equipment online and needs a professional service for the installation thereof. Our experts are positioned to provide value added advice and guidance within this installation process too, and of course the installation work provided is guaranteed by K&H.

We provide free pricing estimates for all our products and services, and we can be contacted online or via 01698 286487, for a quick and friendly response to any fireplace installation need or requirement that you may have.

Fireplace Installers Glasgow

Fireplace Installers Glasgow



> Flue liners (gas / solid fuel) (flex liner ) (twin wall)
> Gas fires
> Balanced flue
> Class 1 / class 2
> Power flue
> Flueless
> Fan flue
> Inset fire
> Outset fire


> multi fuel stoves
> inset solid fuel
> pup brick
> brick tke chambers


> sweep
> smoke test
> chimney pots
> bird guards

Fireplace Installers Glasgow, Fireplace Installers Lanarkshire

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