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K&H Fireplace Installers Glasgow are not focused on the fireplace itself, but also in ensuring that all fuels burned within your fireplace are done so on an efficient and effective manner. This ensures lesser of an impact upon the environment and of course on your monthly solid fuel costs, which goes a long way in ensuring that heating costs remain manageable and effective for the home as well as the office building owner utilising this traditional fireplace option.

When it comes to the chimney services in Glasgow, K&H provides a full inspection of the property and advises on all required work in a comprehensive manner, which alleviates the surprises at the end. This open and ethical manner of conducting our business with our esteemed clientele has allowed the company to establish a marketing leading name in the field of chimney services in Glasgow, as well as throughout the Lanarkshire region in central Scotland.

There are a number of factors that require consideration when it comes to chimney services in general, and more so with the installation of any new chimneys. Our expert chimney technicians can provide full analysis according to the individual needs of the client, which take various issues into account, such as flueless, power flu, fan flues, inset or outset fireplaces. All of this will have an impact on the chimney itself, and of course not to mention the liners, walling and completion parts of the chimney such as chimney pots and bird guards. These factors taken together will ensure a fully functional chimney for your new or existing chimney.

Regular maintenance of chimneys is essential to the efficiency of the chimney and fireplace itself, and starts with tasks such as chimney sweeping and smoke tests, all of which are proudly provided by K&H Chimney Services division of the company.

Fireplace Installers Glasgow

Fireplace Installers Glasgow



> Flue liners (gas / solid fuel) (flex liner ) (twin wall)
> Gas fires
> Balanced flue
> Class 1 / class 2
> Power flue
> Flueless
> Fan flue
> Inset fire
> Outset fire


> multi fuel stoves
> inset solid fuel
> pup brick
> brick tke chambers


> sweep
> smoke test
> chimney pots
> bird guards

Fireplace Installers Glasgow, Fireplace Installers Lanarkshire

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