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Fireplace Installation Glasgow & Lanarkshire

K&H Fireplace Installers commenced with providing focused and expert fireplace installations within the greater Lanarkshire region in the late 1990s. The company has subsequently grown to provide regular supplies of solid fuels as well as the all important aspect of chimney design, installation and maintenance. However the importance of fireplace installation in Glasgow requires careful consideration with specific attention to detail from the planning to the installation and functional phases. The importance lies within the fact that a fireplace requires the right setup to function at optimal levels, which in turn increases the efficiency of heating up the area required whilst burning fuel at the most efficient levels as possible.

Our technicians and tradesmen can add value to any fireplace installation in Glasgow or the Lanarkshire region with the amount of experience and level of expertise they have built up over the years. This allows for all our customers to have peace of mind in dealing with professional tradesmen that are committed to customer satisfaction and quality within any fireplace installation.

K&H Fireplace Installers provides a range of options to choose from when it comes to the selection of a fireplace itself, and these options are varied which is why we are happy to provide estimates wherever required. Alternatively if you have purchased your fireplace online or elsewhere, K&H offers a fitting only service, which ensures that you get the best in quality service and workmanship when dealing with us. Our expert team members can assist and guide you throughout any fireplace installation required.

Contact us online or via 01698 286487 to discuss any fireplace installations in Glasgow or Lanarkshire and remember that we adhere to all the strictest quality and safety standards within the industry, with specific guarantees in place for our clientele.

Fireplace Installers Glasgow

Fireplace Installers Glasgow



> Flue liners (gas / solid fuel) (flex liner ) (twin wall)
> Gas fires
> Balanced flue
> Class 1 / class 2
> Power flue
> Flueless
> Fan flue
> Inset fire
> Outset fire


> multi fuel stoves
> inset solid fuel
> pup brick
> brick tke chambers


> sweep
> smoke test
> chimney pots
> bird guards

Fireplace Installers Glasgow, Fireplace Installers Lanarkshire

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