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Fireplace Installers Glasgow

With over a decade of dedicated experience and service as fireplace installers in Glasgow, K&H Fireplace Installations has grown to become a provider of choice for many homeowners seeking the option of having a fireplace in the home. The experts and technicians at our company provide a free survey and inspection of the home when it comes to fireplace installers in Glasgow. This allows for a proper estimate of the work required when installing a fireplace, whether it is an inset or outset fireplace, as well as the required flue and chimney options that will be utilised within such an installation.

The experience of fireplace installers in Glasgow from K&H Fireplace Installations stands above the crowd, and this coupled with our guarantees ensures that all our customers get the best in service, materials and qualities within any investment in the home, such as that of a fully functional fireplace for ambience and warmth. K&H provides the services of fireplace installers in Glasgow even if the fireplace itself has been purchased elsewhere or online, and a full property and site inspection will ensure a proper estimate for your home or building where required.

What many customers are not aware of, are existing building restrictions when it comes to the installation process, whereby K&H fireplace installers are positioned to provide the best advice and guidance within installing your new fireplace. Together with the design of a new chimney where required, or even the lining of an existing chimney will ensure maximum efficiency for your fireplace, all provided by our expert fireplace installers in Glasgow.

Wherever you may require a team of expert fireplace installers in Glasgow, look no further than K&H Fireplace Installations Glasgow, your once stop quality resource for all aspects related to fireplace installers, installations, chimneys and solid fuel services. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Fireplace Installers Glasgow

Fireplace Installers Glasgow



> Flue liners (gas / solid fuel) (flex liner ) (twin wall)
> Gas fires
> Balanced flue
> Class 1 / class 2
> Power flue
> Flueless
> Fan flue
> Inset fire
> Outset fire


> multi fuel stoves
> inset solid fuel
> pup brick
> brick tke chambers


> sweep
> smoke test
> chimney pots
> bird guards

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