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Fireplace Installers Glasgow

Serving the greater central Scotland region, K&H Fireplace Installers Lanarkshire continue to provide value, service and quality to the discerning and savvy homeowner with regards to a variety of specialist services, products and related aspects of fireplaces in Scotland. Our teams of fireplace installers in Lanarkshire have been serving the communities in Lanarkshire for over 12 years, and that in itself provides customer peace of mind in knowing that you are dealing with professional and committed technicians and professionals when it comes to your fireplace installation.

Our fireplace installers in Lanarkshire provide excellent options for the installation of any type of fireplace, including solid fuel or gas fireplaces and it does not matter where the fireplace was purchased, we will be there to assist in the installation of the fireplace and chimney. Beyond the provision of fireplace installers in Lanarkshire, K&H has further established an excellent name within the provision of ongoing services specific to chimney sweeps, maintenance and the provision of solid fuels for the fuel fireplace option. This provides our customers with a one stop resource for fireplace installers in Lanarkshire, as well the management of your fuel and maintenance requirements, guaranteed.

Our expert teams fireplace installers in Lanarkshire will provide a full site inspection and survey prior to any installation and provide a detailed and comprehensive assessment of any work required in terms of your installation. This includes the linings, flues and flue options, chimney design and installation as well as any ancillaries such as chimney pots, bird guards and so forth. This allows for our customers to be fully included and aware of all parts of any installation provided by the fireplace installers in Lanarkshire provided by K&H.

If you are based in Glasgow or the greater Lanarkshire region K&H fireplace installers Lanarkshire will provide guaranteed service, materials and workmanship for any type of installation when it comes to your fireplace and chimney, contact us today for to discuss how we can help you.

Fireplace Installers Glasgow

Fireplace Installers Glasgow



> Flue liners (gas / solid fuel) (flex liner ) (twin wall)
> Gas fires
> Balanced flue
> Class 1 / class 2
> Power flue
> Flueless
> Fan flue
> Inset fire
> Outset fire


> multi fuel stoves
> inset solid fuel
> pup brick
> brick tke chambers


> sweep
> smoke test
> chimney pots
> bird guards

Fireplace Installers Glasgow, Fireplace Installers Lanarkshire

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